BOL NEWS organization in Pakistans no 1 media industry. BOL NEWS struggling so much for few years and appear like a Brand. Now Bol News Network becomes the No 1 Pakistan news channel. Bol news hosting so many game shows like game show aisy chaly ga,Khush raho Pakistan, BOL wala card show and so many entertaining shows. Bol News's most famous show is game show aisy chaly ga that show break out all records in Pakistan game show industries. Now the bol game show becomes Pakistan No 1 game show. we appreciating our audience for their feedback on our game show. That is easier to participate in the Bol game show.first of all answering a few questions that would be asked in live game show  If you answer the correct answer as soon as possible you will get a chance to take part in the Bol game show live Or another way you simply share our website page and text on Bol News official WhatsApp number 03407664781.


BOL GAME SHOW officials

Bol game show asisy chaly ga will be launched their official website page for season 2.Bol game show season 2 will be started and hosted by the glorious host danish taimor. If you want to participate in bol game show and want to win Amazing prices simply get a bol scratch card and buy Bol card and win amazing prices and play an online game on bol game show if you want to participate in Bol live game show you buy a Bol news official passes and wait for our response and if you want to participate in Bol WhatsApp promotional lucky draw 2020 simply text us on our official helpline on our official WhatsApp numbers 03407664781 Or if your WhatsApp number already selected in Bol Whatsapp lucky draw participation, first of all, you will get a serial number to send this serial number to our officials and if you couldn't get our official number for helpline you simply check your price in our official website page that is the easier way to check about your price in WhatsApp lucky draw that website page also created for our customer's clarification and now you can check about your price. And please be aware of fraud calls and notification sending from local numbers. If your number selected in our lucky winners list our officials contact you by their official helpline number 03407664781.OR if you get price information from other local numbers don't trust them and contact our officials we will guide you exactly. Some scammers leaked our data of lucky winners that data will be consist of our customer's phone numbers or lottery serial numbers. When the scammers get the serial numbers or mobile phone Numbers of our lucky customers. They will contact our lucky persons as a BOL news official and forcing them for paying some charges like registration charges and some other charges and forcing you for your personal details like bank account and mobile account numbers. we announcing, again and again, don't give them your personal details, in this case, our department couldn't helping that is your duty to be away from them.IF you give your personal details to scammers that were very harmful to you and your family the scammers will steal your money from your bank account and your mobile account and another way the scammers will hack your WhatsApp data and starting blackmailing you for paying some money in their mobile account. We still working against them and cathed the scammers. That is your duty to beware of them and don't give them your personal details. If we played a WhatsApp lucky draw we announcing about our lucky persons on our official channel BOL NEWS NETWORK Pakistans number one NEWS channel. if you want more details about your lottery price simply contact our officials. we still remind every person again and again.